Christmas Program

The St. Vincent de Pual Society's Christmas Program provides joy to children in our community. Sign-ups are held the last week in October, and community members can help the families who sign-up for the program by adopting one or more families.

Important Note

The program is for families with children ages 14 and younger. Only children 14 and younger will receive gifts. All other family members will be counted for the holiday meal.

Identification Requirements

Adopt a Family

If you would like to adopt a family through our Christmas Program, please visit this page.

  • Photo ID for adults in household

  • Proof of address for parent/guardian/custodian

  • Birth certificates for all children in home (birth-17) as proof of family size

  • Custodial documents for all non-parent guardians

Please note this program is only for families with children. We are not accepting food only applications.