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Life continues to be difficult for far too many in our community. Your donation can make this winter easier on our neighbors.

“I just moved into a new apartment. Paying the deposit and first month’s rent left my bank account dry. I went to St. Vincent and was able to shop at their pantry—getting items like bread, milk, and canned goods. I was also able to leave with clothing vouchers for my children.


“When you seek help at places like this, it gives you hope and restores your faith in humanity. There are people out there who care. You don't have to figure life out all by yourself when things get hard. The most humble thing you can do is ask for help.”

- Rosalyn, a neighbor who recently received help


Make an Impact

With the cost of rent, utilities, and groceries rising, requests for help are at an all-time high. This past year, the St. Vincent de Paul Society helped neighbors in need 12,786 times to keep their lights on, food on their tables, clothes on their backs, and provided beds for their children to sleep in at night.

The St. Vincent de Paul Society relies on the generosity of those who support our work with their financial gifts. Your contribution will allow us to continue our mission to provide help and hope to neighbors in need.

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