Eric's Promise

Eric Henry heard the cry of the poor and promised to be more giving. We invite you to help fulfill Eric’s promise through generous donations to St. Vincent De Paul during the Lenten season.

The Promise:On Ash Wednesday in 2002, Marian High School Senior Eric Henry made a promise to “try to be more giving.” So that evening, he put together several bags to donate to the Saint Vincent De Paul Society. Before he had the opportunity to deliver his gifts, however, Eric died in an automobile accident.Thanks to many of his friends and classmates, however, Eric’s Promise lives on. Every year during Lent, school groups, businesses and other organizations seek to be more giving by donating food, clothing, usable items and cash to Saint Vincent de Paul to assist in the charity’s fundamental mission of serving the poor in our community.

The OpportunityThere are a variety of ways in which you can help carry out Eric’s Promise. Perhaps your school or place of work can collect donations or may be interested in hosting a Stuff-A-Truck event. To receive more information about the program, to learn ways to help or to schedule a presentation, please call 574-234-6000 ext.104 or email

The Challenge
To Schools…
Lent is a time of sacrifice and giving. Area high school and grade school students are invited to follow Eric Henry’s lead and make giving to the poor through Saint Vincent de Paul a special Lenten project. Schools are encouraged to organize their campaign in ways that will instill a spirit of giving among students, faculty and families in ways that will reinforce the Christian values of charity and best serve the needs of the poor in our community. Friendly competitions between schools or classes have been held in the past.

To Businesses…
Many businesses give selflessly to area charities. Participating in Eric’s Promise is a way to continue that spirit of giving back to the community and enhance employee relations through a shared experience in support of a worthy cause. Companies may also wish to develop a friendly competition with other like-minded businesses to see which firm can donate the most to the campaign.

To Organizations…
A unified effort to generate donations to the St. Vincent de Paul Thrift Stores is an excellent team-building activity for civic, professional and social organizations. Stuff-a-truck days are perfect for organizations and businesses alike.

Eric shared Saint Vincent’s belief that it is in giving we receive. In a community of so much abundance, there is also so much need. We invite you to hear the cry of the poor as Eric did.