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Sweet Dreams Ministry

The St. Vincent de Paul Society's Sweet Dreams Ministry provides new mattresses, bed frames, pillows, sheets, and blankets to children in St. Joseph County, Indiana.

Sweet Dreams is full for Spring 2024.

Our next distribution will be in August or September of 2024.


  • Have a referral from one of the organizations listed below--YOU OR YOUR CHILD MUST BE ACTIVELY INVOLVED IN PROGRAMS FROM THE ORGANIZATION WHO REFERS YOU

  • Child must be between the ages of 3 and 17

  • Child must not have a mattress or have an unusable mattress (ie. moldy, bed bugs, etc.)

  • Each child may only receive beds one time through the Sweet Dreams Program

Beds are distributed twice per year, once during Lent and once around the time children go back to school. All applicants must go through a referral organization to apply.

Required Documents:

  • Valid photo ID for guardian

  • Copy of your most current electric bill, phone bill, or rental agreement

  • Copy of each child's birth certificate

  • Copy of custody papers to prove guardianship (if necessary)

Referral Organizations:

  • School counselors

  • Youth Service Bureau

  • Family & Children Center - Community Partners Program or Healthy Families Program

  • YWCA

  • Real Services

  • SCAN Community Partners

  • Conferences (Churches) associated with St. Vincent de Paul

  • Catholic Charities

  • Success Coaches at Goodwill

  • Boys & Girls Club of St. Joseph County

  • St. Margaret's House

  • Center for the Homeless

  • El Campito

  • Kroc Center

  • South East Neighborhood Center

  • Oaklawn

  • Aids Ministries

About the Program

While it is hard to imagine that there are children that sleep on the floor every night, there are many families living in poverty who simply cannot afford to buy beds for their children.  Instead, these children have no choice but to sleep on the floor, on sofas, or in a crowded bed with several other family members.

Having a quality night’s sleep can contribute to proper childhood development, including academic performance, mental well-being and the likelihood of success later in life.  After all, how can a child who does not have a proper place to sleep at night be expected to wake-up refreshed and ready for school in the morning?

To provide monetary support for the Sweet Dreams Ministry, please donate by clicking the button below.

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